Please be aware that Belco members and non-members have reported receiving fraudulent text messages claiming that their Visa cards have been deactivated. The individuals are then prompted to call a number to have their card reactivated. The text also includes all or part of their plastic card number.

A sample text message:  BELCO CREDIT UNION ALERT: Your DEBIT CARD #410807 has been DEACTIVATED. Please call our 24hr office (717) 315-7324

IGNORE THESE TEXTS FROM ANY NUMBER! They are fraudulent! No credit union or bank will ever request this information from you. This is a scam designed to get you to enter information for a valid debit card, which the thieves will then use to access the checking account associated with the card.

If you have received one of these texts and have responded to it with your card information, please contact Belco's Loss Prevention area immediately at (717) 720-6202.